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Pearl Jam Style Guitar Jam Track

Hey all you Pearl Jam Fans!  I created a guitar jam track in the style of my all time favorite rock band, Pearl Jam.  This one is similar to the jam they do on their tune Porch.  It’s in the key of E minor.  Crank the stereo and rock out Mike McCready style on this… Continue reading Pearl Jam Style Guitar Jam Track

Guitar Lessons Gilbert

I recently moved to my new teaching studio off of Ray and Lindsey Rd in Gilbert Arizona and am loving teaching there!  I have taught at many locations in my career through out the Valley.  From music stores to traveling to homes of students.  Having my own teaching studio is something I wish I had… Continue reading Guitar Lessons Gilbert

Beginner Guitar Lesson

I shot a video to introduce people to the guitar and provide beginners with a lesson that can help them get started playing!