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I recently moved to my new teaching studio off of Ray and Lindsey Rd in Gilbert Arizona and am loving teaching there!  I have taught at many locations in my career through out the Valley.  From music stores to traveling to homes of students.  Having my own teaching studio is something I wish I had done a long time ago.  It is much more spacious and comfortable than any lesson room you will find at a music store.  Plus it is quiet and distraction free!  With 10 lessons going on simultaneously and customers blasting guitar amplifiers it made teaching in other studios extremely difficult and was simply not fair to a student who was paying good money to learn guitar bass or drums.  My studio is extremely quiet, comfortable and just flat out cool!  If you’re looking for guitar, bass guitar or drum set lessons at a professional teaching studio from a professional instructor feel free to contact me and I’ll provide you with a free consultation on how to satisfy your musical aspirations.  Mention this blog post and receive 50% off your first lesson!

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