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"We feel very lucky to have found Matt on the internet to teach my grandson how to play the drums. But he doesn’t just teach him how to play, he teaches him the whole feeling of excitement and personal joy in playing. Matt knows how to bring the best out of a person to try new things, join a group or play in front of crowd. He’s more than a drum teacher, he goes to a deeper level to bring out a sense of confidence and pleasure. He can make a great impact in one student’s life, as he has with my grandson. We are grateful to Matt."

- Susan C.

"My son Carter has had a great experience with Matt as a guitar teacher. Both in individual and group lessons. Matt is a master teacher. I say that as a 23 year educator. He can always explain things where the students can "get it" in less than two minutes. Not a lot of people can so that. Plus, Matt is a good person and has a positive influence on my kid."

-Chris B.

"Matt has been a fantastic guitar instructor for my teenage son. He keeps the student's interest by teaching them to play the music they love, rather than following a set of instructional books filled with music that won't hold student interest. My son really enjoys working, and jamming, with Matt. I could not recommend him enough."

-Matt R.

"It was time for my son to be challenged and pushed to the next level as a drummer. Matt has done just that! He is teaching him how to read and write music. My son is learning how to play in a band with other musicians! As a drummer, this is essential! My son's skills have improved leaps and bounds in just two months! Thank you Matt!!"

- Noel H.

"Two of my children take lessons here- they are teenagers and they love going to class. I am so happy about this because it can be hard to find things teens like. We have taken guitar, piano and drum lessons at this studio. I feel very blessed to have found this studio. They have learned so much about music and have grown in their instruments. Thank you for sharing your talents and time with them!"

-Jocelyn J.

"My 11 year old son has been taking bass lessons from Matt for just over 6 months now and we could not be happier about finding him. One thing that really sticks out for me is that Matt teaches more than just how to play a song or a riff (which is what kids want to learn). Matt knows music theory and has an incredible way of incorporating this into his lessons. My son will want to learn a certain song and Matt is able to teach him that song while introducing music theory based on what he is teaching which keeps my son engaged and interested. Matt is well versed in so many different genres and is adept at playing many different instruments, another huge plus. Matt has a wonderful, laid back demeanor and is always pleasant and professional. My son and I have been comfortable with Matt since day one. I have seen incredible improvement since starting lessons with Matt and my son now enjoys practicing so much more because of this. I highly recommend Matt for anyone wanting to take music lessons - young or old!"

-Linda V.

Studio Owner and Program Director Matt Friedland

Matt is a professional musician, performer, educator and entrepreneur.

He specializes in jazz, blues, funk, rock, fusion, improvisation, composition and music theory. He earned a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Arizona State University School of Music, has released his own album “Revelation” on all major music platforms.

Matt brings a unique approach to teaching

by combining his experience as a professional performer, guitarist, bassist, drummer and composer with his extensive formal training to provide university level music education to his clients.

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Matt offers a free Zoom consultation where he can learn more about you and your son or daughters musical interest and how he can help them accomplish their musical dreams. In the consultation he can assess their playing, provide strategies and solutions for the challenges they may be facing and devise a plan that helps them move forward musically.  


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