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Jazz & Blues Lessons for Guitar, Bass & Drums

Become a master Improvisor and Creative Musician

Welcome to Music Lessons Arizona, where we believe every passionate guitarist, bassist or drummer has the potential to become a confident musician.


Are you tired of wandering through YouTube tutorials, unsure if you’re making progress or just picking up bad habits? Do you dream of jamming with other musicians but lack the confidence to take the first step?


Look no further, because we’re here to guide you through your musical journey with expert instruction and unwavering support.

Our Expert Instruction Covers Everything You Need to Become the Player You Want To Be

Meet the Program Director Matt Friedland

Matt is a versatile guitarist, bassist and drummer holding a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Arizona State University School of Music and has been teaching in the East Valley for over 15 years.


He specializes in jazz improvisationcompositionmusic theory and has the skills to help you become a better musician and improvisor on the guitar, bass or drum set.

Matt playing with his band.

Matt playing with his student Tristan.

What We Deliver for Our Clients

  • Feedback and Proper Technique: Say goodbye to worries about developing bad habits. Our instructors provide personalized feedback to ensure you’re on the right track, using proper technique and playing correctly.
  • Structured Practice: No more aimless wandering through online videos. We offer structured lessons that guide you through effective practice routines, ensuring consistency and tangible results.
  • Confidence to Collaborate: Whether it’s singing and playing or joining a band, we empower you with the confidence and skills to collaborate with other musicians.
  • Improvisation Mastery: Unlock the secrets of improvisation and understand what you’re playing. From jazz, rock, funk and blues, we’ll help you become a confident improviser.
  • Complete Song Mastery: Learn to play songs from start to finish, building a solid repertoire that you can proudly perform for others.

Collaborative Group Sessions

Playing with others is essential to musical development and critical if you want to become a better improvisor. Matt offers classes and workshops where he can help you learn how to play with other musicians.


There’s no better way to get motivated and enjoy the learning process. It’s time to stop isolating yourself in your practice room and get in the game! Let Matt help you reach new levels in your playing with his unique jazz, funk, blues and rock classes.


"I came to Matt specifically for Jazz Guitar lessons. He was able to tailor lessons to my playing level and goals, with a good mix of theory and actual playing time."

- Jim M.

How We Move You Forward

Matt will identify your goals for guitar, bass and or drum set, what your biggest challenges are and then devise a plan that moves you in the right direction. Matt understands that each student is different and he customizes his lesson plans to suit each students musical needs.

Matt teaches systematic methods designed to help you break through the challenges and barriers many musicians face so you can express yourself the way you want and confidently connect with other musicians.

Ready to elevate your jazz & blues playing?
Take the next step!

Matt offers a free consultation where he can provide an assessment of your playing, offer suggestions and strategies to overcome your challenges and go into more detail about his lesson programs.

Simply fill out the questionnaire on the contact form and we will coordinate a meeting that works with your schedule.