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Class Piano for Children

Our class piano is a fun, supportive, collaborative and educational experience for children 5 to 13 years old. Beginner to Intermediate.

We help students develop important life skills through performance and classical study so they can lead rich and fulfilled lives into adulthood.


Learning and playing with others is essential to musical success. 

Our class students are engaged and motivated to learn.


Playing with their peers inspires students to practice at home and improve quicklyClass students gain confidence to present to others and fulfillment from their accomplishments

Studio Owner and Program Director Sherin Moustafa

Sherin Moustafa is nationally certified music teacher in piano. Earning this certification is a lengthy process and given to only the most qualified candidates. Less than 1% of piano teachers are certified. Earning this certification means that Ms. Moustafa excels in educating her piano students in areas of technique, note reading, music theory, performance and music history while keeping her curriculum engaging and enjoyable.

In Addition, Ms. Moustafa was served as the President of the East Valley Music Teachers Association from 2019 to 2021. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction to her pupils. Her piano curriculum is thoroughly planned to provide the best piano experience for you and your child.

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Our Program Helps Children:

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How does the class work?

There are a maximum of 9 students per class. We keep our classes small so we can provide the best service and attention to our students. Each student is provided a high quality 88-weighted keys digital piano, headphones, binder with class materials, sheet music and more. 

Students learn together as a group in the ensemble format as the majority of the class time. For a small portion of the class, students utilize headphones during their independent practice while they prepare their solo repertoire for an upcoming in class concert.

During each class students participate in group activities, practice musical pieces, work on reading standard music notation and learn about music history and it’s famous classical composers. At the end of each class students perform a piece they have been working on for one another which helps build their confidence and allow them to feel proud of their accomplishments.

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"My husband and I are so happy that we found Music Lessons Arizona. Apart from Ms. Sherin’s highly impressive resume, we were drawn to her because she has good rapport with my kids. I have two daughters in Ms. Sherin’s class and both of them have been really loving her style of teaching. My older one likes how Ms. Sherin plays duet with them, it makes playing the piano so much fun. She is an introvert and often gets intimated playing in front of other people but she is getting more and more accustomed to performing since they do it every week in class. My younger one has also commented that she likes how Ms. Sherin has a very positive approach when she makes mistakes. She never feels that she’s in trouble or that she’s forced to learn everything at once. I can say that although we’re just a few months in but I have seen a tremendous improvement in how they both play. All in all, our experience has been absolutely wonderful. It was a blessing in disguise that our old piano teacher was moving locations that led us to discover Music Lessons Arizona. Couldn’t be happier!"

- Mary Y.

"Best music teacher ever! My kids love Ms. Sherin! Not only she knows her field, she is passionate, knows how to treat kids, and on top of things. If you want your kids to learn music the right way, she is the one! Thank you Ms. Sherin for being an awesome teacher!"

- Bechir A.

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