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Guitar Lessons

With Instructor Matt Friedland

Matt is a versatile guitarist with musical styles ranging from rock, pop, blues, funk and jazz. He holds a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Arizona State University School of Music and has been teaching in the East Valley for over 13 years.

He specializes in improvisation, lead guitar, composition, music theory and has the skills to help you accomplish any of your musical aspirations.

Playing Music Together Online in Real Time

What will I learn by studying with Matt?

The first step is that we identify your goals for guitar playing, and what your biggest challenges are. From there we’ll devise a plan that moves you in the right direction. Matt understands that each student is different and he customizes his lesson plans to suit each students musical needs

Matt teaches systematic methods designed to help you break through the challenges and barriers many guitarists face, allowing you to reach new levels in your guitar playing.

Guitar Lesson Topics Include

As a multi-instrumentalist highly skilled in guitar, bass and drum set, Matt offers key insights giving you a clear picture of what your musical role is in the context of a band or song. These insights allow you to progress rapidly in your musical development, build confidence and result in increased enjoyment from your playing.

Sample Lessons

Music Theory, Rhythm and reading standard notation

We also Offer Coached Band Format Classes for a variety of skill levels and Genres

Check Out Some of Matt's Performances

Matt’s album “Revelation” is available on all major music platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify.

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Matt Friedland

Click the image to view the album on iTunes.


"My son Carter has had a great experience with Matt as a guitar teacher. Both in individual and group lessons. Matt is a master teacher. I say that as a 23 year educator. He can always explain things where the students can "get it" in less than two minutes. Not a lot of people can do that. Plus, Matt is a good person and has a positive influence on my kid."

- Chris B.

"Matt has been working with me on a lengthy and difficult project. He has been extremely patient and professional throughout the process. He will work with you until you have achieved the thing you've sought after. Great results, great instructor."

- Brandon B.

Video Testimonials

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Matt offers a free consultation via Zoom  where he can provide an assessment of your playing, offer suggestions and strategies to overcome your challenges and go into more detail about his lesson programs.

Simply fill out the questionnaire on the contact form and we can coordinate a meeting time that works with your schedule.