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Four Powerful Ways for a Confident Piano Performance

Performing for a live audience is an exciting and exhilarating experience, but even seasoned pianists can feel anxious before taking the stage. Anxiety is not a bad thing. In fact it’s an important element that drives us to prepare and succeed. But if we let our nerves get the better of us, we fail to… Continue reading Four Powerful Ways for a Confident Piano Performance

Matt’s Solo Guitar Gig

Solo guitar music can be difficult to perform but I really enjoyed putting the music together for the gig I played last week.  Combining chords, melody, improvising and keeping a groove are essential elements in this endeavor.  This was a great challenge and sparked new ideas and approaches within my practice routine.  Hope you enjoy the video!… Continue reading Matt’s Solo Guitar Gig

Audio Production

“Broken Glass” is written by Ciara Cisneros, a young and talented singer-songwriter in the East Valley.  The tune began as a solo guitar and vocal performance but Ciara and I collaborated to transform the tune in to a full production recording with drums, bass, synthesizers, back up and harmonized vocal parts. Ciara performed all the guitar… Continue reading Audio Production

Funky Bass Lessons

In the Bank is a tune by artist Mingo Fishtrap.  I had the pleasure of playing this tune with the Arizona funk/soul/R&B band Soulective.  Definitely some funky bass lines going on in this one.  Challenging tune to transcribe but well worth it.  If you’re interested in bass lessons, feel free to contact me!

Funk Bass Lessons

Matt playing bass with the Soul, Funk, R&B band Soulective at the Bacon and Blues Fest in Queen Creek.

Performance of Green Tea

Here’s a video from my jazz recital at Arizona State University.  We’re playing a tune by John Scofield called Green Tea.  Hope you enjoy!