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Online Drum Lessons

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With Instructor- Matt Friedland

Matt is a versatile drummer with musical styles ranging from rock, pop, blues, funk and jazz. He holds a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Arizona State University School of Music and has been teaching in the East Valley for over 12 years.

He specializes in improvisational music and drumming in a rock, blues, jazz and funk context. Matt has the skills to help you accomplish any of your musical aspirations on the drum set and beyond.

Clips of Matt's Drumming

Matt’s album “Revelation” is available on all major music platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify.

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Matt Friedland

Click the image to view the album on iTunes.

What will I learn by studying with Matt?

The first step is that we identify your goals for drumming, what your biggest challenges are and then devise a plan that moves you in the right direction. Matt understands that each student is different and he customizes his lesson plans to suit each students musical needs.

Matt teaches systematic methods designed to help you break through the challenges and barriers many drummers face, allowing you to reach new levels in your drumming.

Drum Lesson Topics Include

As a multi-instrumentalist highly skilled in guitar, bass and drum set, Matt offers key insights giving you a clear picture of what your musical role is in the context of a band or song. These insights allow you to progress rapidly in your musical development, build confidence and result in increased enjoyment from your playing.


"We feel very lucky to have found Matt on the internet to teach my grandson how to play the drums. But he doesn’t just teach him how to play, he teaches him the whole feeling of excitement and personal joy in playing. Matt knows how to bring the best out of a person to try new things, join a group or play in front of crowd. He’s more than a drum teacher, he goes to a deeper level to bring out a sense of confidence and pleasure. He can make a great impact in one student’s life, as he has with my grandson. We are grateful to Matt."

- Susan C.

"I have been a drum student for a little over a year now. Before that , I was self taught. The amount I learned after I started with Matt's teaching far exceeded what I accomplished in several years of self-teaching and books. The best thing about the instruction is how Matt customizes for different goals and needs. Matt draws on many different teaching sources and techniques as well as personal experience. The periods of instruction are very fun for me and no matter what we accomplished during the lesson, I am always thrown a new challenge at the end that I can work with and progress further. I will keep going as long as Matt teaches."

- Matt S.

"I am a self taught drummer and knowing how a lack of formal training limited my musical skills I wanted to have my son take lessons from a trained musical professional. After bringing him to two other teachers in Gilbert I was disappointed with their approach and my son's progress. I decided to try one more before going back to teaching him myself, so I contacted Matt and scheduled a month's worth of lessons. A year later I am amazed at the progress my son has made, which is the result of Matt's patience, knowledge, and teaching philosophy. Matt has taught my son fundamentals and how to generalize them so he can develop his own style. I highly recommend Matt as a drum teacher, and I can only hope we find a comparable teacher when we relocate to Chicago."

- Todd W.

Drum Lessons

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Matt offers a free consultation at the studio where he can provide an assessment of your playing, offer suggestions and strategies to overcome your challenges and go into more detail about his lesson programs.

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