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Rock Guitar Lessons – 5 Famous Riffs

If you’re a beginning guitar player and want to learn some simple but famous rock guitar riffs, this video series is for you.

In this 5 part series, I’ll show you 5 famous rock riffs, the scales that are used to create the riffs and how you can practice them to get your fingers moving more fluently.

Free download of the PDF with tab and standard notation of each riff. Click the button below.

Lesson 1 – Heartbreaker Riff  – Led Zeppelin

Lesson 2 – Funk 49 Riff – Joe Walsh

Lesson 3 – Iron Man Riff – Black Sabbath 

Lesson 4 – Voodoo Child Intro – Jimi Hendrix 

Lesson 5 – Know Your Enemy Riff – Rage Against the Machine