Piano, Guitar, Bass & Drum Lessons in Tempe, AZ – Music Lessons Arizona


Recital Hall

Music Lessons Arizona features an intimate recital hall equipped with Yamaha C6 Grand Piano, professional lighting and seating for approximately 45. Recitals are scheduled periodically, allowing students to demonstrate their musical development for family and friends. The recital hall is also available for reservations by outside teachers, students and or performers. Music Lessons Arizona also offers audio and video recording services for performances.

Practice Rooms

Practicing at home can be full of distractions. Our practice rooms offer a distraction free environment where you can focus on your musical goals or collaborate with other musicians. Music Lessons Arizona’s private practice rooms equipped with Yamaha keyboard, guitar amp, electronic drum set and studio monitor for audio sources.

Transcription Services

Do you need charts for your band? Wanting to learn specific musical sections like guitar solos, bass lines and or drum grooves. Music Lessons Arizona offers transcribing services for a variety of musical needs.

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